The Value of Loyalty

Loyalty – Faithful adherence; a feeling or attitude of devoted attachment.

I just got off the phone with my photo printer.  I’m not going to be able to get by tonight to pick up my latest set of prints, but I really want them ASAP.  So they are going to put my photos out where I can pick them up before they even open in the morning.  WAAAAH???   They are going above and beyond to help me?  Even asking if I really meant to crop that picture of my son the way I did (it was a pretty weird crop) in case I needed to resend it?  Yup!  Why would they do that?  What do they care?  They care because I’m a loyal customer, and they understand customer service (that’s a whole other post).  My loyalty to them has earned me special privileges like an early morning pick up.  It also means that when I botch an entire order they just pitch it and let me reprint at no cost. Pretty cool, huh?  Are they the cheapest printer around?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I don’t really care because since they provide me with a stellar service at a reasonable price, I’m loyal to them.

What’s the point?  In this day and age of bargain hunting and coupon compulsing, there’s a temptation to be lured away from our service & product providers that have served us well for a long time.  I appreciate the marketing efforts of service providers, retailers and product manufacturers to capture mind share with their promotions, and I wish them luck in luring in people who do not already have a strong relationship with a different provider/retailer/product.  I submit that when we have those established relationships we should not be lured away by tempting offers.  Instead we should be loyal to the people & products that have served us well.

What does this have to do with real estate?  Simple, during almost 7 years in this industry, I’ve worked with some amazing vendors & service providers and some that were much less awesome.  When I am working on a transaction or recommending vendors to clients, I’m always going to try my hardest to remain loyal to my partners that have served me and my clients well in the past because those are the people that I know will answer their cell phone for me day or night when a problem comes up that needs to be fixed.  They are the ones that will go above and beyond to treat my clients with the respect and professionalism that they deserve because I am loyal to them.  I feel that it’s an important piece of the value that I bring to the table as an experienced REALTOR.

Audrey is a REALTOR and Broker/Owner of Audrey Reed Realty with Step Up Realty in McKinney, TX.  Connect with her on Facebook or checkout her website.  This blog represents HER opinions and are not necessarily the opinions of her broker/brokerage … wait … she is the broker … and it’s her brokerage … never mind!  All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
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