Halloween hangover … this candy’s gotta GO!

Between parties at school, carnivals at Little Gym & in our neighborhood, & traditional trick-or-treating, there is enough chocolatey chunks, sugary candy, & miscellaneous junk food in our house to last us a few months (or me during a bad week).
So the Halloween hangover doesn’t continue it’s time to make the haul mysteriously disappear.

One of my favorites is Operation Gratitude.  This organization works with dentists all over the country to do a “buy back” of candy. The dentists then ship it to Operation Gratitude and they get it to our troops.  It’s an perfect win-win.  The troops get candy and our kiddos learn what it is to give away something they really would rather keep.  Use the search box in the upper right corner of the page to find a participating dentist in your area.

In case you’re one of those frugal, crafty, or creative types, Mint.com has a great post on all of the fun creative things to do with all that stash of sugar.  Check out their thoughts on making instant mocha or mystery cookies (or cupcakes) or even freezing it – http://www.mint.com/blog/how-to/creative-ways-to-reuse-your-leftover-halloween-candy-1012/.

Oh yeah … it’s NOVEMBER!!!  

Audrey is a REALTOR and Broker/Owner of Audrey Reed Realty with Step Up Realty in McKinney, TX.  Connect with her on Facebook or checkout her website.  This blog represents HER opinions and are not necessarily the opinions of her broker/brokerage … wait … she is the broker … and it’s her brokerage … never mind!  All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
How’s that for a disclaimer???



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