Stop Selling Dreams (via Seth Godin)

Going totally real life here today.  I was a straight A student K-12th grade and graduated with a 3.8 GPA in major from Texas A&M University with a degree in Computer Science.  (The only reason I qualify “in major” is because of my freshman year when I thought that all classes should be taught at The Dixie Chicken because that’s where I was.  Needless to say, not my finest academic hour.)  I don’t say any of that to brag.  I only say it to point out that I had the education system I existed in figured out – such as it was.

My journey in the last 7 years (since quitting my corporate J-O-B) and most especially in the last 2 years has been transformational to the way I perceive education & success.  With my 1st child starting Kindergarten next year, I’m becoming hyper aware of our education system after having been out of it for more than a decade.  So when I listened to Seth Godin’s message “Stop Selling Dreams (What is school for?),” it hit home.  Hard.  It’s a long clip (almost 17 minutes), and it’s worth every second.  I’d say enjoy, but I’m not sure that’s really what I’m hoping for you when you watch.  How ‘bout “Ask the Question!”?

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3 thoughts on “Stop Selling Dreams (via Seth Godin)

  1. We are having a heated blog discussion on the topics of education and learning in my corporate J-O-B location. This talk hits on only some of the failings and harm to youth in their formative years. Suppressing creativity and failure through exploration are other drawbacks. A “big” highschool near you recently started using “flipped” science classes like Godin spoke of. Lectures at night and homework done in the classroom with the teacher as a resource. All the parents I have spoken with about this said their kids didn’t like it and seemed to not get as much out of the class as they had in other traditional classes of lecture in school and homework at home without the teacher available to support. So I question the success of that model from the limited data points I have on it. One thing I think you have going for you on this subject is that it is actively being discussed with a common agreement that things need to be done to transform the educational system. And educators appear to me to be bought in. Vivek Wadhwa is one of the vocal international spokesmen on this subject challenging the status quo. Peter Thiel is another although his approaches seem rather extreme to me and not inclusinve of the total population.

    • I definitely appreciate the feedback – especially coming from you, Randy. I’m really struggling with what I’m seeing within our school district and all schools right now. I’m also struggling to balance my education background that grades were *everything* with a more well-rounded & holistic approach to learning. I’d love to get together and hear your thoughts now that you’re on the backside of those 13 years with both of your kids.

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